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Finally Year End has come ! Take some rest, spend more time with my beloved and build some beat with my most preferred gear, the AKAI Pro MPC.

I bought my first MPC1000 in 2003. It was the blue and red model. I decided to sell it for a black model in 2006, and then again for a black model with pad upgrade back in 2012.

I own a few other AKAI Pro cool gears (MPC2500, MFC42, MPC Element, LPD8) , but the 1000 remains my favorite toy. Maybe because it was the first machine I bought without knowing anything about how to operate it. I just kept hearing about the legend of the MPC60 and all the artists who built awesome tracks with it : DJ Shadow, DJ Premier, De La Soul, Cut Chemist, etc. So one day during lunch time, I decided to go get one. And I was not disappointed !

The nice thing about the 1000 is the size. You still can carry it in a bag. The pads are smaller than its big brothers, but not too small. And the functions are just enough to have a lot of fun : 4 MIDI (2 IN / 2 OUT), 4 assignable mix OUT, Digital IN and OUT, USB connection, CF Card slot.

AKAI OS 2.13 was good to start, but everything changed when I discovered JJ OS. What an improvement !! Updates come almost every month for both OS2XL and more recently OS128XL. Look here for a comparison between different OS. Just mind blowing !

Then I discovered mpcstuff, the best online shop for MPC lovers. You can replace or customise parts of your MPC and they really have good stuff there !

My custom MPC1000
My custom MPC1000
My custom MPC1000
My custom MPC1000

Over the years, I customised my MPC1000 as it was so fun and so cool to make it as I wanted it to be. Customisation includes :




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  1. I came across this by accident, but I enjoyed reading about your MPC 1000 and all of your mods you have for it. It looks great! I do however have one question for you:

    the xlcd screen. My only issue with this screen is that I’m still unsure if it will solve the issue of having to hunch over as im making beats. I too own an MPC 1000, and I was thinking of picking up one of these xlcd screens also. I just want to make sure its worth the investment. Is there any way you can send me an email and let me know more about it? Maybe even some pictures of the device when it is on and when it is at a regular “beat making level”, just so I can see if theres any sort of “tilt” in the screen (if that makes any sense)?

    1. Hi Sintec,

      The big screen makes sense if you use JJOS 128 with it. I used to be a OS2XL user and workflows got really improved with OS128XL + Large screen !

      Get used to OS128XL took me a few weeks as screens have been redesigned to take advantage of the double-size screen, but when you get it, I can ensure you a lot of fun !

      Enjoy your MPC life !! 🙂

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