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I love Elekit.

My first encounter with Elekit was early 2008. I was improving my home audio system and looking for my first tube amp. Still a novice and without any clue on what my preferences would be, I decided to go with low price equipment, even if it meant for me to have to build it myself. I have always been a DYI person, for the good and the bad…

Tube amp …? Preamp…?

So after looking at not expensive options, I finally decided to order online the Elekit TU-875 Hybrid Stereo preamp. The reasons of my choice ? 400USD and a cool design. I liked the size and the light orange brightness of the tubes on the picture… Honestly, I even did not read the specifications of the TU-875 before buying…!

Then came the first stress… Waiting for my amp to be delivered, I was looking at the details on Elekit web site. Super nice preamp ! … Wait a minute…! I wanted a new amp…! And I ordered a PREamp…! What’s the difference with a preamp ?? I heard the word but had no idea…!

I started googling, trying to understand what piece of equipment I just bought.

A preamplifier (preamp) is an electronic amplifier that prepares a small electrical signal for further amplification or processing.
In a home audio system, the term 'preamplifier' may sometimes be used to describe equipment which merely switches between different line level sources and applies a volume control, so that no actual amplification may be involved. In an audio system, the second amplifier is typically a power amplifier (power amp). The preamplifier provides voltage gain (e.g., from 10 mV to 1 V) but no significant current gain. The power amplifier provides the higher current necessary to drive loudspeakers.

OK, I kind of get it. I bought an amp which provides no significant gain… So I still need my power amp to drive my speakers. Clear !

So many parts…?

My parcel arrived a few days later. I opened the box and first surprise : so many parts in the box ?!

Elekit TU-875 parts
Elekit TU-875 parts

OK, I asked for it. Let do this ! Starting assembling components, I kind of having fun. 

Elekit TU-875 main board
Elekit TU-875 main board

The more I solder, the more I like it !

Elekit TU-875 main board complete
Elekit TU-875 main board complete

4 hours of work and the main board is finally completed. Cool ! 2 more boards to go !

Elekit TU-875 3 boards complete
Elekit TU-875 3 boards complete

After 6+ hours, I have assembled all 3 boards. Looks cool !

Will it really work…?

After assembling the 3 boards in the metallic case, here comes the moment I was waiting for…Slot the 3 tubes.

Elekit TU-875 front
Elekit TU-875 front


Elekit TU-875 back
Elekit TU-875 back
Elekit TU-875 Hybrid Stereo Preamplifier
  • Design - 75
  • Assembly easiness - 70
  • IO layout - 90
  • Sound (based on my personal judgment) - 85

Wrapping up...

Nice design and solid assembly
Built-in Phono Equalizer Ampl
Built-in MC Head Amp

External AC adapter

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