The evolution of the Technics SL-1200 turntable

Technics SL-1200 has been since its first release in 1972 the prefered gear for DJs and music lovers around the world. Synonym of quality, robustness and reliability, SL-1200 users have reported using the turntables for more than 20 years without facing any problem.

I bought my first SL-1200 in 2000 : a brand new SL-1200M3D silver. Then I sold it in 2010 to buy a new SL-1200MK6. Then I sold the MK6 in 2011 and bought a second-hand SL-1200MK3 in 2013. Despite the MK3 is more than 20 years, it just works perfectly. SL-1200 are just unbelievable pieces of gear !

Technics SL1200MK3

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Lovely Mac Mini wood stand

I was looking recently for a Mac Mini Stand to use my Mac Mini vertically as I was running out of working space… I found this lovely wood item sold at happy-applelife. Price at B-Shop was  a bit expensive (4,752 JPY or 45 USD) so I thought I could build one myself. But having no time these last few days, I decided finally to buy it online. No regret. The design is great, assembly perfect and  Mac mini just fits perfectly in it.

My first tube preamp : Elekit TU-875

I love Elekit.

My first encounter with Elekit was early 2008. I was improving my home audio system and looking for my first tube amp. Still a novice and without any clue on what my preferences would be, I decided to go with low price equipment, even if it meant for me to have to build it myself. I have always been a DYI person, for the good and the bad…
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